Forres Area Business Association



Membership is open to individual, businesses and organisations with an interest in the area.

Welcome to forres AREA business association

From businesses growing rocket, to others putting rockets into space, Forres has a vibrant and varied business community.

The business landscape in Forres has changed so much over the past few years and there are a wealth of different types of businesses spread across the town area.

The future of Forres has to be in our combined hands.

FABA’s aim is to operate a network to support and encourage businesses in the Forres Area, to act as a collective business voice with organisations such as local authorities and development agencies and with the public, to support business development and to undertake any other relevant activities for the benefit of the members, the community or the Company.

What activities wiLL FABA DO?

Develop and operate a network for businesses and organisations in or interested in the Forres area.

Be a collective voice for businesses in matters relevant to the Forres area with bodies such as local authorities, development agencies and trusts, and with the public.

Identify and support the development of business opportunities in the Forres area, including but not limited to, those associated with tourism, culture and history, digital development, and environmental matters.

Work in an effective and efficient manner, using technology as appropriate, including through formal partnership and informal co-operation with other organisations.


Three forms of Membership are available, to suit all types of business and organisation, but they all have the same rights and obligations and pay the same subscription

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