Please read the notes below and then complete as appropriate.


1. Please insert your name, business name and address in the top section. A Corporate Representative of a Corporate Member is a person nominated to represent a Company.

2. Appointed Person – you can appoint: 1. the Chair of the meeting to vote on your behalf as they see fit, or 2. the Chair of the meeting as you direct
Indicate which of these you wish to appoint by ticking the relevant box.
If you are appointing the Chair to vote as you direct, please also tick the boxes to indicate if you are for, against or wish to abstain from voting for that particular resolution. If no voting instruction is given, your proxy will vote or abstain from voting as they see fit at their absolute discretion in relation to the resolution and any other matter which is put before the meeting

Appointing a proxy (someone to vote on your behalf) will not preclude you from personally attending and voting at the meeting (in substitution for your proxy vote) if you subsequently decide to do so, provided that you sign and date a notice clearly stating your intention to revoke that proxy appointment and deliver it to FABA (Forres Town Hall, High Street, Forres, Moray IV36 1PB) at least 24 hours before the time appointed for the meeting or by email to to be received before the start of the meeting.