The Forres Area Business Association c.i.c. (“FABA” is a “company limited by guarantee”, a “community interest company” and is regulated by company law. It exists for the benefit of the community as set out in its community interest statement*.   The day to day running of the FABA is the responsibility of the Directors, who have statutory obligations to meet and must work within the Articles of Association** of the company and towards the benefit of the community. The Directors are also Members of the Company. 

The role of the Members is to:

  • be involved in the activities of FABA, supporting it in its objectives of being of benefit to the business community and general community of the Forres area***
  • elect the Board of Directors at each annual general meeting
  • influence the plans and priorities for the activities that the FABA will undertake. 

As a Member you will have the opportunity to help build and maintain a thriving business community in the Forres area.

There will be an annual subscription (currently £40 per year) to provide funds to support the activities of the Company. In the event of the FABA being wound up and unable to fulfil its financial obligations your liability as a Member is limited to a maximum of £1.

Membership Map

It is our community – join us and help shape its future.

3 types of Membership are available, to suit all types of business and organisation.

  • Individual Member – Individuals who in a personal capacity are interested in supporting the objects and interests of the FABA.
  • Authorised Member – Individuals who run, or who are otherwise associated with, an unincorporated business or organisation and who are interested in supporting the objects and interests of the FABA. (An unincorporated business or organisation cannot be a member in its own right for legal reasons).
  • Corporate Member – Companies and other incorporated bodies that are interested in supporting the objects and interests of the FABA; they will be asked to nominate an individual as their Corporate Representative.

The focus of the FABA is on the “Forres area”, which is defined by the catchment area of the Forres Academy. Membership is open to individual, businesses and organisations with an interest in the area.

Our Directors

Carrie Custodio

Owner of 1496 Cafe 

Claire Doughty
Gavin Ellis

Owner of Knockomie Inn

Graham Murdoch
Joanna Taylor
Barnardo Mantilla Baca

Barnardo is owner of Mantilla Home Design

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If any Member wishes to put themselves forward as a possible Director please talk to one of the current Directors about the role. Additional Directors can be appointed by a decision of the Directors as well as by Ordinary resolution so not being appointed at the annual general meeting does not preclude such an appointment. A form for nomination as a Director is available on request from